ALDEKON Design team

The Aldekon project design team works for you 24 hours a day to provide better service and timely delivery through projects produced and delivered produced according to international TSE-ISO CERTIFIED certificates.

Implement projects

With 15 years of experience,ALDEKON  focused on customer satisfaction and understanding of the best quality, fast delivery of it. ALDEKONis your solution partner in the applications of designing stadiums, gyms, cinema furniture, theaters, universities

Quality and production

Aldekon is the leading Turkish company in the field of stadiums, theater, cinema and conference chairs from Bursa to the world with the best quality and price for lecture chairs, gyms, opera house chairs, cultural centers and public council seats.

The projects that Aldekon offer

The global Aldekon  hotel furniture, hotel decorations, theaters, cinema, conference rooms. The Daikon Design Project makes the quality teams in your projects.

Aldikon Furniture & Chairs Conference rooms, stadiums, cinema, theater, seminar, stadium seats, office, couch, waiting chairs, runway, office, science and chemistry equipment, furniture educational equipment, design meeting tables and wooden meetings, office furniture and work desks, kitchen designs , Prefabricated daikon buildings, steel buildings, hospital furniture, conference rooms, Middle East, kindergarten equipment, VIP seats in the gym.

Service Policy


Auditorium conference seats

Conference seats vip.

Conference chairs and wooden lectures.

Economic conference chairs.

Special designed conference and lecture chairs.

Conference chairs with wooden table.

Conference Chairs Projects.

Wooden office furniture

Wooden meeting tables

Wooden TV units

Reception ,lecture tables

Wood cabinets

Ottoman Vip furniture

Modern office furniture

Public furniture

Hotel furniture 

Cinema chairs and seats

Waiting Seats

University chairs and seats.

School chairs, tables .

Office furniture and office chairs.

Stadium chairs and telescopic systems

Stadium chairs with locking mechanism

Economic stadium chairs

Electric and regular telescope seating systems

Stadium chairs VIPs

Replacement players chairs

Auditoriums Audiences first row Vip